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The 13th White Rabbit Workshop

The White Rabbit Community got together in March 2024 to celebrate the launch of the White Rabbit Collaboration.  Could not attend? Get a feel for what it was by flipping through the images and listening to the talks below!

Listen to the talks of the Members

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WR Use case:

Distributing Time for SKA, the Largest Telescope in the World

 Benoît Rat, Safran 

10 Years Journey of a Cute White Rabbit:

brief history of CUTE WR node and the applications

Guanghua Gong, SyncTechnology

A WR Switch v4 with
Enhanced Holdover Capabilities

 Ricardo Píriz, GMV

Adding holdover capability
to the WRS v4

 Nick Amey, IQD Frequency Products


The InterOperability Laboratory
and White Rabbit

 Bob Noseworthy, University of New Hampshire

Status of WR related work at Nikhef

 Peter Jansweijer, Nikhef


Evangelia Gousiou, CERN 

Precision Time in Financial Services

Seth Friedman, Liquid Markets Solutions

Highlight Talks by Topic

WR in the Telecoms Sector

Towards Carrier Grade White Rabbit

Marek Brawanski, Orange

WR in the Powergrid

Stanett's project COSECTIME

Distribution of synchronized time, underline the Green Transition in electrical power production, distribution, and safe operation of the power system.

Harald Hauglin, Justervesenet
Kjell Petter Myhren, Statnett
Oddleiv Tungland, Statnett

WR in the Finance Sector

Precision Time in Financial Services

Seth Friedman, Liquid Markets Solutions

The White Rabbit Story at the Deutsche Börse

Georg Sauthoff, Deutsche Börse

WR for long distance time transfer

European Radionaviation Plan and pan-European time distribution

 Łukasz K Bonenberg, European Commission

Progressing Towards a

Nationwide White Rabbit Network

in DWDM Telecommunications
for REFIMEVE, France'sT/F Network
for Education and Research

 Paul-Éric Pottie, Syrte

Sub-ns long-haul dissemination of UTC using

WR in Switzerland

Antoine Jallageas, METAS 

WR Applications:

 terrestrial PNT networks, the Quantum Internet, and networked digital time scales

Jeroen  Koelemeij, Vrije Universitait Amsterdam

WR in Quantum Networks

White Rabbit Time Synchronisation for Quantum Communications

Karolina Schatz, University of York 

Towards Quantum Networking: 

Characterization of Metropolitan-Scale White Rabbit Precision Time Protocol Architectures

 Ya-Shian Li-Baboud, NIST

WR in research infrastructures


status and near future

 Dietrich Beck, GSI


a White Rabbit based Radar

 Simon Brown, EISCAT

New timing system
for the

LOFAR2.0 Telescope

 Roel Witvers, Astron

Performance evaluation of a versatile and low-jitter WR board

designed for

 Daniel Charlet, IJLAB

Distributing time for SKA,the largest telescope in the world

 Benoit Rat, Safran

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