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has been created to ensure a high perfomance and user-friendly open-source technology, which meets the latest needs of industry and society.

Throughout this past decade, WR has found many applications beyond Physics. We think it still has a lot of untapped potential: new emerging technologies have more stringent synchronisation requirements while there is an ever-growing overreliance on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for the distribution of time.

We want to bring all stakeholders of the technology together, identify common interests and development needs, and define together the future of WR. By doing so, we want to foster the uptake of the technology in new domains as well as by new actors.

The Collaboration aims to become the global reference point for White Rabbit technology and a neutral platform supporting all members.

Below you will find the key elements of the collaboration. 

Development of the WR Technology

The main objective of the Collaboration is to guarantee the quality, improvement and sustainability of the WR Technology.

The Bureau is in charge of implementing a development plan, which will be discussed, agreed and updated each year by the governing bodies of the Collaboration.

In addition, as a member you can submit to the Bureau modifications or extensions you have generated and that you would like to integrate within the WR Technology.  By doing so, not only will the rest of the community benefit from your improvement, but you will ensure future versions of the technology are compatible with their modifications.

R&D Projects

R&D Projects hosted by the Collaboration aim to:

  • demonstrate applicability of WR in a new domain
  • improve the technology to facilitate its uptake

Possible R&D projects include:

  • Demonstrating and facilitating the use of WR in the control plane of quantum networks*
  • Using WR for long distance networks
  • Using WR in telecommunications networks for 5G/6G
  • Implementing seamless redundancy in WR networks
  • Implementing the WR core building blocks in an ASIC

Projects can be executed by a sub-set of members of the collaboration, or by a single member. The Bureau will be there to provide support to the R&D projects.


*The White Rabbit Collaboration is part of the strategy to implement the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative and has received funding to pursue projects related to quantum networks. 

Dedicated Support

As a member, you can submit a request to receive support. The Bureau will set up a meeting to understand the problem and determine the resources needed to provide the requested support.

Each member has 20 hours of free and guaranted dedicated support from the Bureau each year. Depending on  availability of resources, up to 30 hours of additional free support can be provided by the Bureau to each member.

If more time is required to address your technical challenge, you can agree with the Bureau on a statement of work, this will then be turned into an R&D project hosted by the Collaboration.


The Collaboration will offer a catalogue of trainings, including free trainings for members. Trainings will address fundamental aspects of the technology and its implementation.

As a member, you can actively participate in creating and delivering the trainings, becoming a local champion of White Rabbit.


The forum is the place to ask your queries and exchange information about the technology.  It is open to anybody. If you are a member of the Collaboration, the Bureau will strive to get back to you shortly after you have shared your query.  Responses are not guaranteed, however, for non-members. 

Qualifying products containing
WR Technology

In 2024, the Collaboration will define a series of tests to qualify products containing WR Technology.  

As a member, you will be able to apply to become an Associate Lab of the collaboration and provide testing services. 

If you are a member of the collaboration and successfuly test your product in an Associate Lab, you will be able to apply to the collaboration to get a licence on the WR Trademark, which you will be able to put on you product. Your product will also be listed on a dedicated section of this website.  Before granting the licence the Bureau will check if the WR Technology implemented in your product fully complies with the applicable open source licences


Governance of the Collaboration

The Collaboration will be governed by the Collaboration Board and the Collaboration Council and run on a daily basis by the Bureau.

Collaboration Board is the body gathering all members, a place to exchange information, discuss and interact with all your fellow counterparts. As a member you can shape the direction of the Collaboration by exercising your voting rights (one vote per member) and providing your valuable insights.

Collaboration Council is a smaller body consisting of non-commercial members (there will be up to one member in the Council for every five members of the Collaboration). Some decisions will be taken by the Council after consultation with the Board.

Go to the section dedicated to the governing bodies, to learn more.

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