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The Collaboration aims to gather all stakeholders of the White Rabbit Technology, whether you are:

  • a company (small or large) that needs precise timing/synchronisation, provides Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions or data acquisition/control systems or provides consultancy and expertise related to timing services
  • a national metrology institute, national laboratory or research institute
  • or a university

....whether you are new to the technology or experienced in WR ...

the collaboration is for you.

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The resources of the Collaboration will be used primarily to fund the Bureau and ensure the long-term financial stability of the Collaboration.

The Collaboration is as strong as the commitment of its members and their vision for the technology and community they help to shape. The White Rabbit technology is the result of the work of many. In recognition of this, the Collaboration will aim to distribute excess funds between the members that have contributed along the years to the development of the technology.

We count on your support and participation to reach new heights together!

Large company CHF 50,000
Company with more than 500 employees
Company with less than 500 employees and more than 49
Small company CHF 15,000
Company with less than 50 employees
(excluding universities)
Universities CHF 10,000
White Rabbit logo blue