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CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is an international organisation performing research in fundamental physics. As a publicly funded organisation, it is part of CERN’s mission to ensure that society benefits from its work, not only through its contribution to the progress of human knowledge but also from the unique technological capabilities it develops to pursue its research. Indeed, many of the technologies required to operate the cutting-edge facilities have potential applications in other fields and often provide path-breaking solutions that aren’t available off the shelf.  The White Rabbit Technology was developed at CERN in collaboration with many external partners to resolve CERN's timing needs, see a short history of White Rabbit for more information.

Founded in 1984, GMV offers its solutions, services and products in very diverse sectors: Aeronautics, Banking and Finances, Space, Defence, Health, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Automotive, Telecommunications, and Information Technology for Public Administration and large corporations. GMV supplies technologically advanced solutions by providing integrated systems, specialized products and services that cover the entire service life, from consulting services and engineering to the development of software and hardware, integration of turnkey systems and operational support.

Read moreSince the 1990's, GMV has a long-standing experience in precision timing and frequency distribution, including world leading expertise Orbit Determination and Time Synchronization (ODTS), and a leading role in steering Galileo System Time (GST) to UTC, and monitoring the dissemination of Galileo time. GMV has an excellent relationship with national timing labs in Europe and worldwide, and maintains its own UTC-like realization based on atomic clocks (Passive Hydrogen Masers) and GNSS time transfer to UTC(k) labs.

Other relevant recent projects include activities such as absolute calibration of GNSS time transfer receiver chains, a pulsar timescale demonstration, distribution of UTC for the Stock Exchange via White Rabbit, GNSS time transfer using high-gain antennas, development of advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques for metrological applications, generation of UTC(NPL) replica and distribution over commercial broadband, and quantum metrology for secure and precise PNT.

GMV is currently developing a suite of timing products and services for the generation and distribution of robust and reliable UTC time scales under the WANtime trademark (registered in Europe and the UK).  GMV plans to add the White Rabbit switch v4.0 to its portfolio of products.

IQD is a leading expert in providing quartz crystal and oscillator timing solutions for diverse commercial and industrial applications including in transport and navigation, 5G network technology, national defence projects, consumer electronics, medical wearables and diagnostics, and IoT applications, to name just a few. We take a project partnership approach in guiding customers from the design-in stage to mass production, applying our decades of experience and knowledge in practical solutions.

Read moreOur UK-based engineering and application test laboratories are unrivalled and we offer a wide range of custom product development and testing services, including crystal and oscillator parameters, stability, accelerated ageing and more.

With long-standing, reliable relationships in our supply chain and uncompromising quality and compliance standards, excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

IQD has been a recognised market leader in the frequency control market since 1973 and is part of the Würth Elektronik eiSos group, one of the leading European suppliers of passive components.

Jump Trading, renowned for its commitment to world-class research in global financial markets, uses White Rabbit technology to ensure the best possible timestamps in data provided to researchers. White Rabbit also plays a key part in infrastructure performance monitoring.

Liquid-Markets GmbH provides the world's most performant network-attached-compute systems, including ÜberNIC, a family of FPGA-based general-purpose Ethernet adapters built upon the world’s first 100% hardware FPGA network stack. ÜberNIC provides sub-500ns one-way network I/O latency while effortlessly handling full line-rate on 10G connections. Designed for time-sensitive and high-capacity environments, ÜberNIC is the first commercially-available NIC to support CXL, PCIe 5, PTPv2 and, critically, CERN's White Rabbit.

Read moreWhite Rabbit furthers LMS' goal of providing industry-leading precision time synchronization capabilities in standard hardware. Precision time synchronization between GNSS systems and ÜberNIC, and ultimately extending that synchronization to the host, is a critically important feature for many industries including network security, telecommunications, and financial services, among many others, and White Rabbit is a key component in achieving more precise time synchronization. For more information, please visit us at liquid-markets.com.

Nikhef is the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics based in Amsterdam, connecting subatomic physics research groups in six universities in The Netherlands. Nikhef is partner in several large experiments throughout the world in particle and astroparticle physics, including gravitational wave research. The institute has a leading R&D and technological position in many fields, and operates specialized workshops in Amsterdam in mechanical, electronics and data technologies.

Read moreNikhef has been involved in the development of time distribution over a network since 2009 through the Electronics Department. That development was soon adopted in the White Rabbit technology. Since then Nikhef has been an active partner in developing White Rabbit technology; designing hardware and performing R&D on timing calibration. And implementing these White Rabbit technology developments in several experiments.

Safran Electronics & Defense is an international company with more than 10,000 employees, built on proven expertise in technologies that underpin sovereignty. Safran Electronics & Defense also supports fellow Safran companies by sharing its state-of-the-art electronics skills and expertise. For more information: www.safran-group.com or www.safran-group.com/fr/societes/safran-electronics-defense
The Safran Electronics & Defense Spain subsidiary contributes to Safran’s Navigation & Timing portfolio of solutions and components, including time servers, High-Accuracy PTP synchronization, GNSS simulators, atomic clocks, gyroscopes, and inertial navigation systems. Safran customers gain access to all the technology needed for resilient PNT data, with unparalleled support, and the brightest minds in the world working to hack the problems defense and critical infrastructure customers around the world face. For more information: https://safran-navigation-timing.com/navigation-and-timing/


SyncTechnology is a spin-off company from Tsinghua University, devoted to the development and application of WR technology. We provide WR devices include a fan-less version of WR switches and a series of compact WR nodes in FMC form factor, and work with our partners for customized WR solutions.
SyncTechnology has contributed to many timing system of particle physics experiments in China. We have delivered hundreds of WR devices; deploys and operates a large WR network that contains more than 8000 nodes and 550 WR switches at plateau of 4410m altitude. Other WR related applications covers the field of medical instrument, time distribution and industrial control.

We wish to be your partner in time!

At UNH InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL), we provide a collaborative and neutral environment,
bringing together partners in networking, data, telecommunications, and storage technologies.
Our lab works hand in hand with industry leaders, standards bodies, and service providers,
allowing us to grow steadily into one of the leading independent labs for new technologies.
Supporting over 35 technology areas, UNH-IOL provides interoperability, conformance,
certification testing, and custom testing solutions, all while preparing students for successful
careers. We are confident in our ability to provide tailored testing solutions that meet our
partners' needs to ensure the success of their products.

Read moreUNH-IOL's Open PHASE project, which has received support through the NSF’s
Platform for establishing an Open Source Ecosystem (POSE) program, has partnered
with the White Rabbit community to facilitate the development and maintenance of
testbeds, documentation, tools, and open processes necessary for the calibration,
verification of protocols, and ensuring security compliance of high-precision timing
systems. The project aims to provide these resources to the community and companies,
thus promoting the use of White Rabbit technology and high-accuracy precision timing
systems in general.

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